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  • 1100 Free Ipv4
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  • 77 Ipv6 Vhost
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** Last AutoUpdate by FZNC BOT at Oct 16 19:06:27 2020 **

*Unlimited networks (Default is one but if you need more, ask in our support channels. There's no limit on how many networks you can add)
*Limited set of rules
*Custom Vhosts
*100% uptime (Our services run on a robust network, monitored by our dedicated staff team)
*Support (in case you get stuck ;p)


  • DarkIRC

    Server: irc.freeznc.uk

  • DalNET

    Server: irc.dal.net


    Join Our support channels and make a request. Do "!request" without quotes in the channel to be guided further for the request process.
    Once you've successfully submitted your request (takes a minute or less) one of our staff members will review your application and
    will either confirm or deny it based on their discretion. It can take anywhere between
    5 minutes to 24 hours for your request to get approved.
    Once your request has been approved, you'll receive an E-mail containing the details of your account.
    (Make sure you use a valid E-mail address during request or you'll never be able to receive the confirmation E-mail)


    1. Each user is restricted to 1 account unless other arrangements are made.
    Attempted hoarding of accounts may result in you being banned from our service.

    2. Do not use our service for anything illegal, such as filesharing, child pornography, etc.
    This will lead to your immediate removal from our service.

    3. Do not break any rule of the IRC network your account is assigned to.
    This includes ban evading, spamming, repeated flooding, or any other rules the IRC network may have in place.

    4. We know when an account is banned/z:lined/k:lined/etc.
    This may lead to your account being removed, or at minimum blocked until we know the reason the IRC network took that action.